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Decompiling Plutus Core Binary Encoding

I'm working with Plutus Core smart contracts, and I have the binary encoding of a Plutus Core script. I'm curious to explore the higher-level Plutus code or any human-readable representation of the ...
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3 answers

Is it possible to call the `mkValidator` inside the same / another `mkValidator` function for script composibility?

Supposed I have a validator below, checking only if the output value is locked by the same script. {-# INLINEABLE mkValidator #-} mkValidator :: TestingParam -> TestingDatum -> TestingRedeemer -&...
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How Do You Convert Math Symbols in Haskell?

So i heard you can use denotational semantics to write Haskell code using math notation for example circle in place of . to denote function composition. My question is in four parts: how do I use/...
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