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Stake Pool Pledge: Must the pledge amount be part of the active stake? Is Live stake okay?

I understand the pledge must be met by the stake pool owners. My question is basically if ada is added it takes 2 epochs to become active stake. Can I increase the pledge amount immediately after the ...
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Individual pledge amount in Stake Pool with multiple pool owners

I have some questions about creating a Cardano Staking Pool with multiple owners. Context: Owner 1. Wants to pledge 200,000 ADA. Owner 2. Wants to pledge 120,000 ADA. Owner 3. Wants to pledge 80,000 ...
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Does an unmet pledge prevent a pool producing blocks, or only prevent rewards?

If a pool does not meet its pledge, does that prevent it from producing blocks, or only prevent rewards being paid out?
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Does the rewards on the pledge stake address count toward the stake pool pledge?

The pledge is just a delegation to the stake pool signed with the owner key. My question about the pledge amount, are the stake address' rewards counting towards the stake pool pledge as well or just ...
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Does pool pledge amount impact odds of getting a block?

Two scenarios: Stakepool owner #1 pledges 10k, stakes 10k and total stake from others is 100k = 110k staked total Stakepool owner #2 pledges 100k, stakes 10k and total stake from others is 100k = 110k ...
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