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the Plutus Application Back-end

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What is the Cardano's equivalent to the Ethereum's EVM?

What is Cardano's smart contract engine called? Smart contract language: Solidity (Ethereum) => Plutus (Cardano) Simple enough, I get this. Smart contract "engine": EVM (Ethereum) => ?...
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How does a Cardano DApp client authorize a payment?

Am I correct in thinking that this requires a DApp connector on the same device as the User's wallet? Or could you have an app on the user's device that doesn't connect to their wallet, but somehow ...
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How to get list of wallets generated by PAB

I'd like to know what endpoint to call to get the list of wallets generated by PAB during initialization (after calling cabal run myapp and seen after ending PAB - by pressing enter)
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User interaction with smart contracts

I want my users to interact with my smart contracts. All transactions come from these users. There are no transactions - except for setting up - that come from my wallets. As entry point for this ...
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Error running plutus-playground-client in Linux

I have successfully installed nix, cabal and have setup the IOHK binary cache. I cloned the plutus-app repository and successfully built the Haskell packages and other artifacts with nix. Then running ...
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