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An open source Cardano browser-plugin wallet

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window.cardano undefined

I would to use window.cardano when a user just "enter" to website. Sometimes window.cardano is still undefined How can i solve this problem? I try to use await window.cardano but is not a ...
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Where does Nami store private keys?

I would like to access my private key from Nami wallet. Where are they supposed to be stored?
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Submitting a transaction from cardano-cli with Nami Wallet

I am aware that there is an issue regarding the fact that serialization-lib and cardano-cli are not compatible Converting the array into a Map is not the solution because in my case I also have the ...
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How to set a specific amount for native token when calling CIP30 api.getUtxos() method in Nami, CCvault, Flint and other CIP30-compliant wallets?

In the CIP30 spec, we are supposed to be able to get a subset of the user's UTXOs if we specify an "amount" when calling the method getUtxos(): api.getUtxos(amount: cbor\ = undefined, ...
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How do I create and submit a transaction using only Nami Wallet?

I'd like to create a transaction using pure JavaScript on browser using Nami Wallet. The docs shows only cardano.signTx(tx, partialSign) and cardano.submitTx(tx), but don't explain very well how to ...
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LightWallet: Empty array for (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api.getUnusedAddresses() || [])

I am working on a light wallet integration. The recommended way of integrating with wallets is defined in CIP30. When I select Nami and call: (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api....
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How do I properly parse the CIP-30 output from NAMI to send a users wallet tokens?

If you can help me with this I will really appreciate it. I have worked through the token construction tutorial on Cardano docs Using the ...
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2 answers

Using testnet with Nami

I want to test a dapp on the Prepod testnet with the Nami wallet. I tried to receive tAda with the faucet but nothing is showing up on the wallet interface. This is the wallet ...
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Can someone show me how to get the transaction in the proper format for cip-30?

I have generate a transaction using cardano-cli and I am trying to get Nami wallet to sign the transaction. The command to build the transaction cardano-cli transaction build-raw --fee 0 --tx-in $...
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2 answers

How can I grant an NFT holder a one time action in a web app?

I would like users to be able to perform a one time action on a web app, i.e. claiming one physical item per NFT owned, what would be the best way to keep track of tokens that have already claimed ...
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How to add datum to UTXO in nami

Datum is hashed and assigned to an UTXO When you send the transaction you can add optional parameters like metadata and/or datum datum is used by smart contract since it's the only data that smart ...
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2 answers

Can Nami wallet provide the TransactionWitnessSet for minting a native asset?

I'm trying to mint a native asset reusing the keys that Nami already uses. This is to make a minting service that is connected to a specific wallet, and that wallet is always able to mint more tokens ...
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Can Nami connect to custom testnet?

I made custom testnet with magic 42. Cardano-cli work absolutly correct but Nami always connect to testnet with magic 1097911063 (main testnet). So my question: can Nami connect to my testnet? P.S. ...
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How to load test Nami with Vesting example?

I'm working through week3 of PPP#4:] Here, the Vesting example using Lucid is demo and while I'm ...
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Best light wallets on Cardano?

In terms of efficiency/speed for dapp usage, what light wallets are the best for dapp usage? Is there any notable difference between them? For example, what's the difference in speed/efficiency of ...
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Nami Wallet access

Cpu crashed,got new cpu, not able to send or receive in Nami wallet, no customer service email. How can I get customer service to Nami Wallet developers with no email available?
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Nami shows all minted NFTs in "Assets" tab instead of "Collectibles" tab

the following image illustrates my problem: all the NFTs I've been minting is being seen as normal native tokens instead of collectibles. For example, for the ANIMALSP01#28, the metadata in the ...
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