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An open source Cardano browser-plugin wallet

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How to set a specific amount for native token when calling CIP30 api.getUtxos() method in Nami, CCvault, Flint and other CIP30-compliant wallets?

In the CIP30 spec, we are supposed to be able to get a subset of the user's UTXOs if we specify an "amount" when calling the method getUtxos(): api.getUtxos(amount: cbor\ = undefined, ...
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Can Nami connect to custom testnet?

I made custom testnet with magic 42. Cardano-cli work absolutly correct but Nami always connect to testnet with magic 1097911063 (main testnet). So my question: can Nami connect to my testnet? P.S. ...
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Nami Wallet access

Cpu crashed,got new cpu, not able to send or receive in Nami wallet, no customer service email. How can I get customer service to Nami Wallet developers with no email available?
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