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Can we Make a Multi-witness transactions using cardano Serialization Lib?

My Goal is to Transfer NFTs from one Wallet to another and use second wallet to cover my transaction fee. According to this article
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How to build a MultiSig wallet with a time delay element?

Any examples of tested libraries or code which enables multisig wallet where flow is more complex? Example of requirements: wallet transaction needs at least 2 signatures wallet can be created with a ...
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Can Mithril Aggregators change snapshot after signing?

Mithril is a mechanism for developing lightweight wallets by storing blockchain snapshots on Mithril Aggregator. We can authenticate these snapshots using Multi Signature. But after the snapshot is ...
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What are the current options for spending a UTxO at a script address?

If the following script is protecting a UTxO { "type": "all", "scripts": [ { "type": "after", "slot":...
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Multi-signature time-locking script

I am trying to create a multi-signature time locking script similar to this example. I want to lock assets into a script to be released at a later date. { "type": "all", &...
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Script Witness Not Validating for Multisig

I'm getting the following error when trying to consume a UTxO sitting in a multisig script address: [ { "scriptWitnessNotValidating": [ "...
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How do I use Plutus to check that payment has been made to a native script?

If I want to check that payment has been made to a Plutus script, then I can use the function valueLockedBy txinfo vhash where vhash is the ValidatorHash of the Plutus script. Is there an analogous ...
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Multisig Script Syntax Error

I am trying to build a muiltsig address using shelley simple scripts ( The purpose of this scheme is to have ...
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Multisig wallet for Cardano?

Does Cardano support multisig wallets? If not, are there any ongoing projects to have them implemented, any standards defined or at least drafts proposed?
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