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Whats a Good Example of Interconnected Smart Contracts?

In the Contract Monad we have the use of w s e a. Now w is used to connect contracts is there a good example of how this is done, in particular how to validate a contract using the w of another ...
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Whats Your Mental Model For Monads?

I was asked by a friend trying to learn plutus what a monad was, so I began talking about category theory. It seems that this confused him further how would you explain monads to a noob? Whats your ...
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How to define the return type of `callEndPoint` appropriately?

In homework of week4, I refactored my solution: payTrace :: Integer -> Integer -> EmulatorTrace () payTrace payment1 payment2 = do contract1 <- activateContractWallet (knownWallet 1) ...
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About Homework 4 - Getting PayParams through binding

This question is in the context of the homework for Lecture 4. What is wrong with the following reasoning? We know that payContract is type m (), where m stands for the monad Contract () PaySchema ...
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Understanding do notation with Monads in Plutus Pioneer Week 04

I have a question regarding a block of code from th Week04 Plutus Pioneer Program. The block is in Writer.hs foo'' :: Writer Int -> Writer Int -> Writer Int -> Writer Int foo'' x y z = do ...
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Test-Focused EvaluatorTrace Monad?

Is there infrastructure for writing unit/integration tests for our contracts, without running the full playground? Is there a test-focused EvaluatorTrace monad, for example?
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