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Cannot find wrapMintingPolicy after updating to latest release of plutus-apps

I've just checked out the latest release of the plutus-apps repository and ensured to copy the respective cabal.project dependencies (including their commit hashes). But I get a weird error, I didn't ...
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Getting the CurrencySymbol of PlutusV2 MintingPolicy

I'd like to get the CurrencySymbol of a PlutusV2 MintingPolicy. There's a function defined in Plutus.Script.Utils.Scripts with the following signature: scriptCurrencySymbol :: Versioned MintingPolicy -...
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Multiple minting on one TX

I'm trying to mint a utility token and based on this quantity the investor will get different NFT bonus. ---------- mint :: MintParams -> Contract w FreeSchema Text () mint mp = do let ...
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Unable to deploy Plutus NFT Minting Policy parametrized by TxOutRef using cardano-cli

UPDATE: I'm making progress. It is apparent the TxOutRef stored on-chain has some extra-structure. For evidence I "printed" the TxOutRef's of the 'utxo' hard-wired in my minting policy and ...
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Are NFT policies interchangeable between networks?

Generating a policy doesn't require a running node; the cardano-cli alone is sufficient. Since no connection is made to the network, can I assume there's no difference between a policy on preprod and ...
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Mint an NFT using policy script on cardano

I'm trying to run validations before minting an asset/nft on cardano. I have written the policy script using plu-ts and transactions using mesh sdk. Script export const mintNFT = pfn( [datum.type, ...
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How mint nft from policy_id

import { Transaction, ForgeScript } from '@meshsdk/core'; import type { Mint, AssetMetadata } from '@meshsdk/core'; // prepare forgingScript const usedAddress = await wallet.getUsedAddresses(); const ...
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TooMuchSpace error when running uplc profiling tool on simple minting policy

I have the following minting policy: {-# OPTIONS_GHC -fplugin-opt PlutusTx.Plugin:profile-all #-} {-# INLINABLE verify_mint #-} verify_mint :: () -> V2.ScriptContext -> Bool verify_mint () _ = ...
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ScriptWitnessNotValidatingUTXOW while minting an NFT

I'm currently trying to create a minting process with lucid (v. 0.8.9) using Blockfrost on Mainnet. Minting policy: const mintingPolicy: MintingPolicy = lucid.utils.nativeScriptFromJson({ type: &...
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ScriptWitnessNotValidatingUTXOW - Transaction Error While Minting NFT With Native Script - Before Slot Instruction Not Working

I am trying to mint an NFT for the zeroOneGame exercise from gimbalabs on the pre-production testnet (babbage-era) but I incur in an error and I can't see what I am doing wrong. Here are the steps ...
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mustMintValueWithRedeemer - Number of tokens minted

On the Offchain code I am trying to mint a token using the following snippet Constraints.mustMintValueWithRedeemer r (assetClassValue cTk 1) In the validation code of the minting script I am trying ...
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How to construct `TxOutRef`?

I am building an NFT minting policy which takes an argument of type TxOutRef as parameter. To this when I pass my parameter, it doesn't match with what is actually given in the transaction. Here is my ...
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scriptCurrencySymbol in V1 libs to mint assets

I'm using the latest Plutus-Stater project with this script module FreeMinting where import Control.Monad hiding (fmap) import Data.Aeson (ToJSON, FromJSON) ...
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