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The process of creating a new native asset on Cardano. Minted assets can be fungible or non-fungible.

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Ways to burn tokens?

What are all the ways to burn tokens, including ADA and other tokens? By burning, I mean to remove it from the sum balance of all addresses. E.g. one way is to mint a negative amount of a token. Are ...
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Is there a good tutorial to mint Cardano NFT using plutus script?

I used to mint Cardano NFT using "Time locking" following this guide But I know the more formal way is to use plutus script ...
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How to mint multiple NFT assets in the same transaction?

The developer guide doesn't cover this. Here is an example of what I'm trying to do: I ...
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Minting a NFT (collection) with Blockfrost

I see al lot of NFT projects where you can buy 1 or multiple NFT's for a certain price. Like unsigned_algorithms, CardanoTrees etc. I am curious how these projects are created without the use of smart ...
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Is there an open source vending-machine script for NFT minting?

Many projects either use a vending-machine service like NFT-Maker PRO or buffybot or have built their own vending-machine scripts. Is there any open-source vending machine script that can be connected ...
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InlineDatum on ReferenceOutput in OffChain code

I tried to use the inline datum of a reference input in the minting policy below: {-# INLINABLE validateMinting2 #-} validateMinting2 :: TxOutRef -> BuiltinData -> BuiltinData -> () ...
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Getting the address of a parameterized contract from within the validator of another script

Suppose I have one contract, Contract 1, that is parameterized by type Contract1Params{ tokenName :: BuiltinByteString } and I have a minting policy that will only mint a token with tokenName tn ...
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Minting NFTs via cardano-cli: How to mint several NFTs consecutively?

I followed the NFT minting docs on which works very well for the first transaction. I'm currently stuck trying to mint a second NFT. It's ...
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Using `curSymbol` function in Validator script

supposed I have a mintingpolicy script (simple one time minting policy, parameterizing TxOutRef) and a validator script. I want to validate if the token with correct CurrencySymbol is spent in a ...
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