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minted NFT is shown as solid color of picture in Nami wallet

I have some questions about NFT mint. I minted NFT using Nami Wallet API, but sometimes error occurred. I need to mint several NFTs at once. So I submit minting transactions in for loop. But ...
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Verifying policy id from pub key

Is there any way to verify a policy against a policy.vkey (or even policy.skey in my case). Thing is we would prefer to not store on external backend all of our NFT policies. Use case to fill would be:...
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1 answer

OutputTooSmallUTxO even with 2 ADA [closed]

I get OutputTooSmallUTxO even with 2 ADA, is there any formula to predict the min output? Command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ...
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2 answers

How to Remove Burned NFTs from SQL Output

I am querying the Cardano Postgres DB and can't figure out how to remove NFTs (multi-assets) that have been burned. In the SQL query below, I am selecting the mint transactions for an asset ...
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3 answers

Is there any way to mint/airdrop tokens and NFTs to members/users without sending them ADA

I have a game I would like to integrate with the Cardano blockchain and I want a good way to airdrop tokens and NFTs to the users for that game. The ways I have been able to find are: Mint directly ...
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Cardano CLI - Error submitting transaction for minting a token

I am trying to create a token and I've been following the instructions for here: This is on testnet. Here is some info: ...
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1 answer

Minting Native Assests - Error Building the Raw Transaction: $output variable

I'm following this doc on how to mint native assets with Cardano and have received an error that I can't get around. The problem is with the $output variable in the $tx-out parameter of the cardano-...
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2 answers

Problem with creation of wallet using Javascript

Im using linux-Ubuntu in the WSL of the Windows 10. I have installed Cardano-node and Cardano-cli. Node v14 (latest stable version) ghc 8.10.6 Im trying to create a wallet but on this command: node ...
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2 answers

How to mint a token on Cardano?

I need help on how can I mint a token on the cardano blockchain for example an image as an NFT.
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2 answers

How can metadata.json properties be changed after a token is minted?

I've minted a token but some of the metadata.jsosn properties don't look so great. Is there a way to update them? The general form I've tried is: cardano-cli transaction build-raw \ --fee $fee ...
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How is new ADA created?

In a Proof-of-Work protocol, a certain amount of the blockchain's native coin is issued with the minting of a new block as a way to reward miners for their efforts and involvement in the network. As ...