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Is it possible to change the minimum ada value for an UTxO?

If I want to send a token or NFT in Cardano, I need to include some ada with it. This is known as minimum-ada-value. Is it possible to change this value for a specific NFT and make it so big that it ...
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1 answer

Do I need to validate for minADAUTxO output in Smart Contract validator?

I have a spending validator that currently expects an output with an NFT to be recreated at its own address. Is it necessary to also include a check whether the output's value has a greater equal ADA ...
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How to make module Week07.EvenOdd fairer with player2 in case player2 wins the game

In week07 lecture Lars refers that Week07.EvenOdd contract is a bit unfair with player2 in the case of player2 wins . Why 😢 ? Well, player2 has to pay minAdaTxOut (2 ADA) to player1 in order to send ...
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