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Questions tagged [metadata]

Publicly visible data attached to a transaction and stored on the blockchain. This can be anything from a simple message to complex JSON objects.

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Errors with compiling when trying to install offchain-metadata-tools

Hello I am trying to install the offchain-metadata-tools library from IOHK and when using nix-build -A project I am getting this error below saying failed in linker phase when trying to connect to the ...
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Multiple NFT meta in the tx_metadata.json of a single asset?

In some, not all cases, when I retrieve the tx_metadata.json of a given fingerprint (of an NFT), the json contains the meta of several NFT's, redundantly. I cannot seem to see any sensible way of ...
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Metadata Label Registry

Is there an official "label registry" for (transaction) metadata? CIP 10 proposed such a registry, but I can not find it implemented anywhere.
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I encounter issues when retrieving metadata for tokens on the Cardano network

I encountered an error while retrieving token metadata as follows: var policyId = '8bca871dcd4f1dd9588d901d02677b6d2413fd19e4c8febfc353edff'; var assetName = '5045505041'; // PEPPA var subject = ...
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Submitting Transaction with CSL Metadata Isn't Showing

I've forked a dApp Connector I found on Github and I'm trying to add some transaction metadata to the ADA transaction it builds. This is what I currently have: buildSendADATransaction = async () => ...
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