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CNFT metadata structure

So I am working on a NFT minting and I checked the CIP-25 for metadata descriptions and I am confused regarding the naming of the NFT. What is really the name of the NFT? (as in recognized by JPG....
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Can a json files keys and values be a prerequisite for a minting policy?

I was wondering if a policy script can mint CNT-20 tokens with a metadata.json TX. Can Scripts take the JSONs keys and values as an added prerequisite before minting? I know Plutus can be used too ...
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Cardano Wallet AP Adding Meta Data to transaction Using C#

I am trying to add meta data in transaction using Cardano Wallet API from C# program. But i am not able to model Json format for meta data to equivalent C# class model and due to this i am getting bad ...
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How can metadata.json properties be changed after a token is minted?

I've minted a token but some of the metadata.jsosn properties don't look so great. Is there a way to update them? The general form I've tried is: cardano-cli transaction build-raw \ --fee $fee ...
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