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How to verify signed Tx and signer's address?

I am building dApps on cardano, and I faced an issue. I was trying to let the users sign message to verify them. (using signData method of wallet) But signData method is not supported for ledger type ...
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Force include wallet optional message?

Is there any way to force a message along with the payment using Lucid, or any other js payment? I am trying to tie an order number along with the transaction. thanx.
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Can't sign data with Nami Wallet

I'm facing a problem when I try to sign data with Nami Wallet API. Here is the code snippet: let namiAPI = await window.cardano.nami.enable(); let addr = await namiAPI.getUsedAddresses(); let payload =...
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Can Mithril Aggregators change snapshot after signing?

Mithril is a mechanism for developing lightweight wallets by storing blockchain snapshots on Mithril Aggregator. We can authenticate these snapshots using Multi Signature. But after the snapshot is ...
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Read key from cose_key returned in signData()

The following (await window.cardano['<wallet>'].enable()).signData('<addr>', '<payload>') Returns an object { key: <key>, signature: <sig> } I'm successfully parsing the ...
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Do I need to verify data signed with Nami wallet or will the cryptography algorithms automatically detect if it was tempered with?

Based on this answer which seems to have some bugs in the verification methods I created this piece of code: const { Address, Ed25519Signature, PublicKey, BaseAddress, StakeCredential, ...
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find text from transaction message with blockfrost or koios

small (maybe) easy question. i want to find with blockfrost a "message" on a transaction. can someone help me a bit for this? i dont find currently anything. thank you in advanced. TTS17
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How to verify signed data?

I'm having some trouble to understand how am I supposed to verify if a signed data was really signed by a specific address. Checking this CBOR ...
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