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Questions tagged [marlowe]

The domain-specific language for financial contracts associated with Cardano.

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Can Marlowe contracts involve native assets?

Can Marlowe contracts involve native assets? For example if I want to issue a bond denominated in USDC
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7 votes
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What is the maximum timeout for a contract that you can define in Marlowe?

We know that Marlowe contracts always end mandatorily because a maximum timeout is defined. I wonder what the maximum timeout is, it seems like you can put a huge epoch/slot in which would be ...
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7 votes
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Does Marlowe Run have the capability to mint NFTs?

I know the easiest way is to mint via or but if I want to mint it on my own, is minting in the Terminal the only option? https://docs....
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4 votes
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How to deploy plutus/marlowe contract on Cardano blockchain

i am developing smart contract in plutus/marlowe playground which i compiled and simulate contracts successfully but now i want to deploy a contract on Cardano blockchain
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2 answers

do you need to know Haskell to code in marlowe

I'm interested to play with Marlowe in a textual way. when I read this tutorial or read some code examples here, it seems to me that I have to be knowledgeable about Haskell's basics, mainly variables ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Which would be the future language for writing smart-contract?

As we might know well-known approaches for writing smart contracts on Cardano are using Plutus Tx or Marlowe based on specific requirements. However, according to the growth of the Cardano community, ...
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Is there a place where we can find the Haskell library for Marlowe?

I investigated some Code examples, in haskell for Marlowe smart-contract, and used the "cabal repl" with the " :i " command, like this: *Main> :i ValueEQ type Observation :: * ...
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2 votes
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Running nix-shell on Mac M1

I successfully installed NixOS on a Mac M1. However, running either nix-shell or GC_DONT_GC=1 nix-shell from within /marlowe-cardano (in the marlowe-pioneers branch) produces: error: cannot bootstrap ...
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2 votes
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What is the recommended way of implementing an NFT sale?

I'm pretty new to crypto development (I've been a professional software engineer for 5+ years now) and would like to get into NFT development using Cardano. Currently, I'd like to start a collab with ...
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Create a smart contract in Marlowe from A to Z

What is the process of building a smart contract in Marlowe from start to deployment and first main net transaction? I know that there's blockly and Marlowe playground. But I can't figure out the step-...
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I wanted to know how can i deploy my smart contract made on marlowe playground using blocky on cardano testnet and mainnet?

Please, it would be so helpful if somebody steps up and tell me the way to do it.
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1 vote
1 answer

Error on Cabal Build: Failed to build plutus-core-

Following the instructions from, yet on a Mac M1, running cabal build from within /marlowe-pioneer-program/code main generates 2 errors: ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How to deploy a marlowe smart contract on cardano

I'm a beginner, I have the haskell code and I wnat to know the following steps, I couldn't find specific information how can i deploy a smart contract on the mainet or testnet.
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Should I use Marlowe or Plutus to create my native token?

Should I use Marlowe or Plutus to create my token? I also want to create a TCG in which my token will have an utility. Where should i start? (tutorial, how-to, examples ...).
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How to setup environment for Marlowe Pioneer Program? Error: creating directory '/tmp/nix-shell-1271-0': No space left on device

Im participating in the Marlowe Pioneers program, I setup Nixos with IOHK Binary, then added to Marlowe repository, did cd marlowe-cardano. But when I ran Nix-shell I got an error that I had no space ...
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How can I interact with smart contract created from Marlowe in the testnet/mainnet?

I create a smart contract with Marlowe from I now want to deploy the contract in the preview testnet and later mainnet. I imagine it must be somehow converted into ...
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Failed Install Marlowe-CLI

I cloned marlowe-cli from into WSL at /home/{user} and attempted to install with the command: cabal install exe:...
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Marlowe: Value -> Integer

How to change the type of Value to Integer? Or pass Value type as parameter to Bouds (between (parameter1 :: Value) and (parameter1 :: Value))?
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