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The domain-specific language for financial contracts associated with Cardano.

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What is the recommended way of implementing an NFT sale?

I'm pretty new to crypto development (I've been a professional software engineer for 5+ years now) and would like to get into NFT development using Cardano. Currently, I'd like to start a collab with ...
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How to setup environment for Marlowe Pioneer Program? Error: creating directory '/tmp/nix-shell-1271-0': No space left on device

Im participating in the Marlowe Pioneers program, I setup Nixos with IOHK Binary, then added to Marlowe repository, did cd marlowe-cardano. But when I ran Nix-shell I got an error that I had no space ...
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Marlowe: Value -> Integer

How to change the type of Value to Integer? Or pass Value type as parameter to Bouds (between (parameter1 :: Value) and (parameter1 :: Value))?
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