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the production network of Cardano

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ogmios standalone running in a different computer that is running cardano-node

is it possible to run Ogmios standalone in a different computer that is running cardano-node. it happens that i already have cardano-node running in a computer but i dont want to overload that with ...
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Is just down or has there been a change in .json configs’ provisioning?

Where does one get the basic .*-config.json, .*-topology.json and .*-genesis.json files for package building nowadays? The URLs that always worked for me seem down, e.g.:
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How can I interact with smart contract created from Marlowe in the testnet/mainnet?

I create a smart contract with Marlowe from I now want to deploy the contract in the preview testnet and later mainnet. I imagine it must be somehow converted into ...
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Clocks on Air-gapped, Offline Computers

What risks (security-related or otherwise) may potentially inaccurate clocks--that is, clocks that do not synchronize with an Internet time server--on air-gapped, offline computers used to sign ...
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Daedalus for testnets and why not use Mainnet as test environment

Last year I set up a Cardano testnet as part of the Plutus Pioneers program. I'm now using my Daedalus installation to experiment with the cardano-cli, which I am finding much easier, with the added ...
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Problen when sysncing node on mainnet

I runned a node on testnet successfully, then I wanted to do it again but in the mainnet. I installed by following "Coincashew" guide and the developers cardano guide. I am encountering the ...
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I wanted to know how can i deploy my smart contract made on marlowe playground using blocky on cardano testnet and mainnet?

Please, it would be so helpful if somebody steps up and tell me the way to do it.
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What is the total size of cexplorer on Postgres?

I have a relay node fully synced with the tip of the mainnet chain and DB-sync filling the Postgres database. DB-sync is currently syncing on epoch 321 and the database takes 103 GB of disk space. I ...
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Difference when building Testnet and Mainnet addresses

I am creating an address generator for cardano. I am struggling to figure out what the differences would be when building an address for testnet instead of mainnet. What components of the address are ...
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How do you publish on-chain code to mainnet and testnet?

I've understand that the on-chain code is stored in the blockchain through Playground module which is in sync against a local node. But how to "publish" this code to run anywhere? It's an ...
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Image size for logo for native tokens

I am uploading an image of just 7Kb and still not able to use that as a icon for the native token. Does anyone know why ? I am using the "token-metadata-creator"(
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time locking policy script native asset

I want to ensure a fixed supply of a native asset and this can be ensured by time locking of the policy id using the policy.script below: { "type": "all", "scripts&...
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What are the security implications to having cardano-wallet run on a public server?

I want to use a public cardano-wallet server running on mainnet, so I can connect to it and create wallets for users of my iOS app. How can I set up all transactions to be encrypted (over SSL) ...
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PAB connection to public testnet or mainnet (Example/Tutorial)

Does anyone know and want to share any information on how to connect PAB to public testnet (not simulator) or mainnet? Are there any examples/tutorials for it?
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Documentation for smart contract deployment on testnet & mainnet

Can somebody point out where I can get the doc for smart contract deployment on testnet & mainnet? I am testing on plutus playground now and would deploy on testnet to try. Thanks in advance.
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nix-build alonzo mainnet

I've installed cardano-node via nix-build: git clone cd cardano-node git checkout tags/1.29.0 -b 1_29_0 nix-build -A scripts.mainnet.node -o mainnet-...
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Daedalus on Ubuntu 20.04 cannot contact the network

I am unable to connect to the Daedalus mainnet for over four days now. The time sync is correct, so that is not the issue. Running Ubuntu 20.04, and have not had this problem for a very long time. I ...
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Is the Cardano testnet indefinite and immutable?

As the Cardano mainnet, will the Cardano testnet be maintained indefinitely and immutably or it will perish at some point in time?
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What time Cardano Mainnet To Be Launched? [closed]

I am new to Cardano and I want to learn and code with it. I have search a lot on Google and nothing found. Sorry for misunderstand question!
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How can a developer access the Cardano network?

As a developer building an application, what are different way to access the Cardano network?
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