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For questions about running Cardano-related software on Apple's operating system, macOS (formerly OS X).

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plutus-playground-client crashes on Intel Mac (Big Sur)

After setting up environment for cohort 3 of the pioneers program, running the plutus-playground-client crashes on my Intel Mac (Big Sur). I've been able to successfully set up Nix and all the code ...
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Installing Cardano-node on an M1 Mac

I am trying to get a cardano node started on a Mac with the new M1 chip. Ive looked through the Installing a Cardano-node walk-through and found that they specify that the Mac install is for Intel ...
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plutus-playground-client npm start error (MacOs Intel i7)

[Updated] ✖ 「wdm」: ERROR in Error: Child compilation failed: Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '/Users/fanik/development/plutus_pioneer_program/plutus-apps/plutus-playground-client/undefined/...
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Sandbox error when running nix build on macOS

I'm trying to get the exercises for week 1 of the plutus pioneer program working. I've installed nix and have set the IOHK caches. When I try to run nix build -f default.nix plutus.haskell.packages....
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Cardano-node and cli install "llvm error"

I'm facing error with the llvm install, i tried all the llvm@11;12;13 even the 14 and still a come across error when i move to step "cabal build all" my set up is a M1 pro. Help! thank you
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nix doctor --verbose [FAIL] Multiple versions of nix found in PATH, on MacOS i7

After performing a git commit tag update on plutus-apps, I restarted my computer, and ran nix doctor --verbose and got the following FAIL [FAIL] Multiple versions of nix found in PATH: /nix/...
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macOS Monterey i7, what is the best `nix.conf` file to use?

Does anyone have the recommended nix.conf file to use for macOS Monterey i7? Following a few different tutorials, my current .conf file looks like: build-users-group = nixbld substituters = ...
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