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How can Mithril update the transactions after taking the snapshot?

Question: When I check the Mithril explorer, The snapshots will be saved in Mithril Aggreagtor 5 times a day. Light wallets can then download this snapshot to see their transaction history without ...
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How to create wallets without a full node (cardano light client)

The only useful resource I could find is the .NET package cardanosharp-wallet which is not ideal since I don't know .NET. Are there alternatives in other languages, for local wallet generation (also ...
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What alternatives to Eternl mobile wallet with dApp connectors do exist for Cardano?

I'm currently using Eternl on my mobile phone to connect to and use dApps. However, they only allow a select few dApps to be used within the wallet and on top of that charge a fee for using dApps like ...
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Best light wallets on Cardano?

In terms of efficiency/speed for dapp usage, what light wallets are the best for dapp usage? Is there any notable difference between them? For example, what's the difference in speed/efficiency of ...
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Nami getUtxos() method not as good as Eternl's

I am building a transaction that includes more than one asset in the output of a transaction. After I set up the output and try to build a transaction using getUtxos(outputValue) I get undefined from ...
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How to Access Secret Key Hash and PKH from a web wallet?

So I'm making a Dapp that uses the user's secret key to encrypt the data. It also allows another user to encrypt something else using their public key hash, but how do I get the key pairs from the web ...
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LightWallet: Empty array for (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api.getUnusedAddresses() || [])

I am working on a light wallet integration. The recommended way of integrating with wallets is defined in CIP30. When I select Nami and call: (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api....
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