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How can I receive, earn or stake Cardano without buying it on an exchange first?

I'm interested in participating in the Cardano ecosystem, and I'm looking for ways to receive, earn or stake ADA without initially buying it on a cryptocurrency exchange. I understand that with ...
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Rust off-chain solutions

I am interested in learning Rust and I thought a good idea of doing so would be to build something on Cardano. What libraries and resources would you recommend for someone like me? I am specially ...
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Is there a Cardano Quickstart Application?

Me and my team are searching for a quickstart project for Cardano, such that we can start from such a project, understand its architecture, and evolve the base project into a real-life product. So far,...
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haskell quite hard [closed]

i'm newbie and trying to learn haskell, but i'm having a problem in the Data.List chapter of learnyouahaskell as follows: let xs = [1..6] in sum xs / genericLength xs -- > it works Now I try to ...
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Is there an established pathway yet for someone with a purely mathematical background to become a fully equipped Cardano developer? If so, what is it?

Title asks my question. I have a mathematics degree (undergrad) and have dipped a toe in the water of software development in Python, but have no clue where the optimal place to start to become an ...
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I am completely new to Cardano eco system. To learn it from the absolute basic, where do I start?

This is a broad question but I am sure many might have this in their mind. I am an upcoming blockchain engineer and my exposure to Cardano eco system is limited to buying the ADA cryptocurrency and ...
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Is there a site (or one being developed) that contains a library of Plutus smart contracts?

Can someone direct me to a site where I can search for specific Plutus smart contracts? It would be useful both for inspiration, and also to reduce the amount of redundant work spent creating smart ...
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Plutus tutorial similar to Ethereums "CryptoZombies"

Is anyone aware of a similar tutorial as Ethereum's "CryptoZombies" being built for Plutus on Cardano? I'm currently in the Pioneer program, and although we're incredibly lucky to have Lars ...
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Cardando project idea

I'm currently very interested in getting deeper in web3 and blockchain development. I will have this masters dissertation to which I'd like to propose a project that allowed me to develop some sort of ...
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As I front-end developer, how should I start learning more about blockchain and should I start with Plutus?

I'm currently a front-end dev - HTML, Javascript, CSS, PhP. I'd like to get into blockchain, but I don't know where to start. Any advice? Should I start by learning Plutus? If so, where should I start?...
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Where can I learn to make Cardano NFTs that have varying rarity levels when they are purchased for the first time?

I have seen some really cool projects like cryptoknitties and crypties with rarity levels and they usually come in like 5-10k. I have some great ideas but I can't find anywhere to learn how to do this ...
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What should I be doing to become a top tier Plutus Developer?(Besides Plutus-Pioneer-Program)

I want to know everything there is to know about development on Cardano. I am currently following the plutus pioneer program, but would like to dig deeper. Are there any videos, articles, documents or ...
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