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Cardano NFT storage

In a Discord discussion I discovered that the images of Cardano NFT are not on the Cardano network but on IPFS and that we need to pin them or else they might disappear. How can I do that?
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What is the best IPFS provider for Cardano NFT that uses CidV0?

I am relatively new to the IPFS and NFT world. I am interested in finding the best IPFS provider for storing NFT files that are later used for minting a Cardano NFT. Currently, I am using Nft.Storage, ...
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BlockFrost IPFS error

I can't upload an image to IPFS through from browser. I am trying to upload image dircetly from frontend of my application (browser extension). I get this response: {...
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Why NFTs on cardano use IPFS CIDv0 instead of recommended CIDv1

IPFS, and most other ipfs providers default and recommend using CIDv1. In contrast, most recently (September 2022.) minted NFT's on cardano still use CIDv0: tarc citizen lagani r ...
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Easy way to list IPFS directory contents

I have an image directory that I've posted to IPFS with a large number of images in it. When I try to query the directory using an IPFS HTTP gateway, I get a gateway timeout error as I assume the ...
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upload folder to ipfs using blockfrost

How to upload folder to IPFS using blockfrost. able to upload a file using the following, but not able to upload a folder curl "" \ -X POST \ -H ...
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Unable to view images from

I am unable to view images on on my Mac. However, I can view them on my iPhone. I have tried Brave, Chrome, and Safari browsers. Here is the error message I get when I click '...