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Opening Hydra Heads & Other Cost Related Questions

So i have few questions here, which i wasn't able to find direct answers to. Does it cost ADA from mainchain to activate/close a Hydra head ? Does Hydra have similar "channel limits" as ...
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How can I start a Hydra Node in devnet?

I have been researching on how to start a Hydra node in devnet using Docker and I found this link with these two simple commands: docker pull docker run --rm ...
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What do we currently know about the Hydra tail protocol?

The Hydra version that has already been published in the Hydra and Interhead Hydra papers requires all participants to be online at all times. According to this IOHK blog post and this presentation ...
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What kind of dapps can scale using hydra?

I've been reading through the paper on the hydra protocol and seems to have a lot of nice properties. However, what isn't directly clear from the paper is in what kinds of dApps hydra could help scale....
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Will Hydra protocol implementation require changes in consensus protocol (Ouroboros)?

As I understand Hydra protocol has two main components: Hydra Head protocol Hydra Interhead protocol Does any of these components require changes to current consensus protocol? If not, how will it ...
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When Hydra will be ready for production?

I understand that Hydra is a work in progress, but it already has a POC version. If there is no clear deadline, where can I find a development plan at least ?
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What's the difference between sharding & a payment channel, & how does Hydra compare?

The question is all in the title. My take: sharding is a base level solution which ideally a programmer using a sharded system shouldn't need to interact with (but I think this probably isn't true, ...
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