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Error - Building Cardano Node 1.35.4 in Ubuntu Linux 22.04

When building cardano-node-1.35.4 using git checkout tags/1.35.4 cabal update cabal build all I get the following error cabal: Failed to build tx-generator-2.2 (which is required by test:tx-...
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How to check if validator ran inside minting policy

I want to check within a minting policy whether a specific spending validator script is being run by checking if I can find an input that belongs to that spending validator's script address. If there ...
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Why does Plutus need GHC 8.10.4?

Plutus needs GHC 8.10.4 to compile. Apparently there is an issue in the newer versions of the compiler. What is this issue and when can we expect later versions of GHC to be compatible with Plutus ?
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GHC-version for Plutus

This is a short question and probably easy to answer. Where in the Plutus GitHub repository can I check which GHC-version is needed to compile Plutus ?
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How do I `:reload` in `ghci`

I copied the plutus-starter template: and created a file BasicPlutusTx.hs (and added it under exposed-modules in the .cabal file). Then I started ...
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