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Cardano Node Compiler Error libsodium Fedora

for some reason i'm unable to compile cabal projects related to cardano projects on this system. not sure what could of changed recently as aside from recent system updates i haven't changed much. or ...
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Nix error trying to install correct GHC version for Plutus

As recommended by Haskell/Nix expert lan Burzynski, I'm trying to use Nix install the correct GHC version for Plutus as follows: nix shell nixpkgs#haskell.compiler.ghc8107BinaryMinimal nixpkgs#cabal-...
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Error when trying to build my Plutus project using nix-shell

I am getting the following error after running cabal build using nix-shell: cabal: Could not resolve dependencies: [__0] next goal: Win32-network (user goal) [__0] rejecting: Win32-network-
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