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Guarantee not dispensing native assets to a Franken address

As I understand it, a "mangled" address can be used to spoof ownership of a wallet who's stake address is NOT of a wallet controlled by the one doing the spoofing. Put another way: I can use ...
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3 answers

How is it possible to create a mangled address (aka. franken-address) without the private stake key?

I've read a lot about mangled/franken addresses recently. A mangled address is an address, where the payment part of the address belongs to a different wallet than the stake part. This is an important ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Are mangled/franken addresses detectable?

I've been reading and playing around with mangled/franken addresses the past day. I understand the concept and I created one myself, but I am wrapping my head around the question if there is a way to ...
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