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Questions tagged [eutxo]

For questions about extended unspent transaction outputs and their usage

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How to return funds from a smart contract

If I have assets (can be just ADA for simplicity) locked in a contract, how can I release the funds to the previous owners most efficiently? Some more context regarding the question. I created a pay ...
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How to consume and produce new UTXO to same script with different Datum?

I am trying to consume old UTXO at stript and produce new one with new Datum. Validator is validating ok but not sure why new utxo with updated datum is not available. current utxos holds one utxo ...
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Contract continuity in the eUTxO model

The paper which introduces the eUTxO model mentions an idea called contract continuity: we need to be able to enforce that the same contract code is used along the entire sequence of transactions — ...
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What DAPPS Can Be Built On EUTXO Chains That Account Based Chains Cannot Make?

I remember reading that the EUTXO model is a superset of the account-based model. My question is does this mean that there are some types of Dapps that can only be built on EUTXO chains, and if so ...
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