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Questions about the Etherium cryptocurrency platform, including comparisons between Cardano and Etherium or Etherium 2.0.

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What DAPPS Can Be Built On EUTXO Chains That Account Based Chains Cannot Make?

I remember reading that the EUTXO model is a superset of the account-based model. My question is does this mean that there are some types of Dapps that can only be built on EUTXO chains, and if so ...
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Api for historical USD rates?

I want to fetch the historical USD rates from a timestamp, is there any api available for that could be used in javascript?
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Is Cardano pushing developers into an Ethereum-type account model?

Cardano is build on the eUTxO model which it prides to be more robust and easy to think about than the Ethereum account model. When Cardano introduced native tokens it also was proud to announce their ...
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Poly Network attack - lessons for Plutus devs?

Over on Twitter, @kelvinfichter gave an analysis (included below) of the recent Poly Network hack. Without any of the benefits of hindsight, are there reasons why the exploit would have been less ...
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Mallet IELE Compiler crashes without Uncaught Error

I was able to get mallet running with the command ./mallet iele -d . I created a simple contract that works in Remix but when I try to compile the contract using iele I get a Uncaught 'Compiler error: ...
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What are technical differences in smart contract execution on Cardano in comparison to Ethereum?

In my understanding, smart contracts on Cardano are always provided to the blockchain via a transaction and there is no code that is stored at the blockchain, but just a hash (the public key address). ...
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eUTXO transaction model Vs Account Based Transaction Model

What are the benefits of Cardano's eUTXO transaction model compared to Ethereum's account-based transaction model? Are there any significant differences?
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How does the ERC20 converter actually work?

Since Ethereum & Cardano are distinct networks, when the ERC20 converter moves tokens between them in either direction ensuring conservation of token (the process does not destroy or create tokens)...
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ERC-20 converter transaction history

When Ethereum projects move over to Cardano via the erc20 converter, will their existing transaction history be maintained on the Cardano blockchain?
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Are there any plans to have a bridge between the Cardano and Cosmos blockchains?

Are there any plans to have a bridge between the Cardano and Cosmos blockchains? Cosmos is working on the gravity-bridge which is a bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos so I assume there must be some ...
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Is there an equivalent to the Wallet Connect protocol in the Cardano ecosystem?

With the Alonzo update approaching, many teams seem to be working on DeFi projects that will go out along the Smart Contracts feature. On Ethereum, most DeFi projects use the Wallet Connect open ...
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Cardano-Ethereum Bridge

What is the best way to write a smart contract that will work across both Cardano and Ethereum? It doesn't have to be released yet but preferably something that will be usable by the end of the year. ...
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What happens to fees when Cardano's chain reaches 1509GB data?

We can see the current Ethereum size is greater than 1509GB, and Ethereum's gas fee is too expensive. My question is what happens to fees when Cardano's chain reaches 1509GB data?
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What has happened to the KEVM?

One of the big selling points of Cardano was EVM compatibility out of the box through the KEVM project. It now has disappeared as a talking point: Has its development stopped?
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How Cardano is different from Ethereum (2.0)?

As far as I know, the Cardano project was started to cover issues/problems with Ethereum blockchain. Proof-of-work and governance are some of them. However, Ethereum 2.0 is promising to cover those ...
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