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A closed source Cardano browser-extension wallet with a rich set of features for advanced users

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Eternl not able to send ADA to Kucoin (Error 400)

I'm not sure where the problem is. I'm trying to send some tokens from my eternl wallet to my kucoin address. I've copied the address using the copy button from kucoin so I don't think it's because it'...
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Failed 400. Error code on Eternl

Trying to figure out why I can’t cancel a limit order I put on Eternl wallet app. For some reason when I try to cancel it tells me Failed 400. I’ve tried everything I can think of with no success.
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Handling multi-address wallets in web apps

Regarding the topic of single and multi-address wallets: What are the most commonly used single and multi-address based Cardano wallets? Are there any other single-address based wallets besides Nami ...
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Exodus and Eternl extensions in chrome and brave are incompatible?

Im developing some dApp with a wallet connector using the extensions in chrome and brave. Everything was working fine until I installed Exodus extension. Something in creating a conflict here. Look ...
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Need client side browser Javascript example on how to make ADA payments via the Eternl wallet?

I want to initiate an ADA payment via the Eternl wallet via a Javascript code in my browser based dApp. I'm hoping I can do this in a manner in the same way Eth devs do it on Ethereum via the ...
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Nami getUtxos() method not as good as Eternl's

I am building a transaction that includes more than one asset in the output of a transaction. After I set up the output and try to build a transaction using getUtxos(outputValue) I get undefined from ...
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Can anyone explain how tAda locked with asset is calculated?

I have previously asked a similar question here Get Ada locked with asset from db-sync query? but I'm still really stuck with this and needing some help. After looking at Nami Wallet, Eternl Wallet ...
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LightWallet: Empty array for (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api.getUnusedAddresses() || [])

I am working on a light wallet integration. The recommended way of integrating with wallets is defined in CIP30. When I select Nami and call: (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api....
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