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ERC721 Converter?

I've heard that Cardano will be releasing an ERC20 converter. I'm wondering if there are plans for the converter to work with ERC721 tokens as well. I'm interested in how to make a new NFT token ...
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7 votes
1 answer

ERC-20 converter - How will it be possible for someone holding AGI tokens on an exchange to know whether they have ERC-20 AGI or Cardano Native AGI?

When ERC-20 tokens are are converted from Ethereum to Cardano, is it incumbent on the token holder to know that which wallet they can be deposited into? What happens if say someone holding Eth native ...
6 votes
1 answer

What will the ERC20 converter use as an exchange rate?

Will it convert tokens based on ADA/ETH pair price at the moment of conversion? If so, which exchange will it use for knowing the rate of exchange?
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How to implement continuous interest accruing with native tokens

In Ethereum some ERC20 tokens use a calculation to compute the balance, is not just a value stored in a map. Take for example AAVE. When you deposit 100 USDT in AAVE, you get 100 aUSDT, this aUSDT is ...
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ERC20 / ERC721 vs Plutus smart contracts

I thought about curating some literature on ETH and Cardano interoperability and was wondering about ERC20/ERC721 and plutus smart contracts. If I understand it right, ERC20/ERC721 are contract ...
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What makes native assets native on Cardano?

Triggered by this blog post[1] (and forum post[2]) which says "No smart contract is needed to mint tokens on Cardano", isn't it so that to mint or to burn custom assets, one does need to run ...
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2 answers

Will ERC-20 converter support the legacy ERC-20 token itself?

I recently learned that Cardano is about to launch the Erc20 tokens swapping functionalities. This makes me really happy for multiple reasons since ETH had disappointed me in many aspects over the ...
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Mallet IELE Compiler crashes without Uncaught Error

I was able to get mallet running with the command ./mallet iele -d . I created a simple contract that works in Remix but when I try to compile the contract using iele I get a Uncaught 'Compiler error: ...
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