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Time periods lasting approximately 5 days into which the Cardano network splits time.

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Overlap in epochs

Is there an actual overlap in epochs (see If so why? Or is this only an allowance for timezones, or are epochs somewhat unpredictable. On a related note on ...
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How can I get access to the epoch nonce?

I see the Cardano epoch nonce being used as a source of randomness. How can a non-technical person verify if the nonce used is actually legitimate? Is there a source where I can find the nonce for a ...
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Staking pool not participating in next couple of epochs?

I started staking yesterday and staked to TSC, which is a new pool started by a YouTuber whose Technical Analysis I appreciate. But after staking I realized... well, a lot of things. It's complex. ...
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Why do Daedalus Rewards Report Epoch End Dates differ from other sources?

So I exported my latest rewards report to CSV, as Daedalus allows. The date on the report is April 30, 2021. If I query the blockchain for my rewards history, the latest rewards I have received are ...
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What's the point of new incoming addresses with the Daedalus wallet?

Daedalus seems to create a new set of incoming addresses, is this epoch based, or a privacy measure?