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Setup dev enviroment locally fails on cabal test homework

Hi i setup the dev environment according to the youtube video, "cabal update" worked, but the second command does not work for me: root@c26be85e2bf4:/workspace/code/Week02# cabal test ...
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Is there an OpenZeppelin like library for Cardano?

Developers on EVM compatible blockchains can make use of battle-tested libraries of smart contracts using I'm thinking about having a basic ...
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Plutus devcontainer build fails with 'devcontainer' not found

I cloned the current plutus repo git clone And i'm on the current commit 3f8c1e22292d68d92f01f9a62a60621df01cdd4e But building the dev container does not ...
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How can you run the Plutus Playground and serve the Haddock documentation from the VSCode DevContainer?

I am still looking to settle on a dev environment for Plutus contracts. I am thinking about using VSCode with the devcontainer, but would like to know how well it all integrates. Is it easy to have ...
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Problem starting a plutus devcontainer in windows

After I upgraded my container to the commit from plutus pioneer programm lecture 3 the VsCode server won't spawn anymore in the dev container. VSCode tells could not fetch remote environment Failed ...
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