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Using cardano-cli, is their any way to decode a plutus script which is in cbor?

I am using "cardano-cli text-view decode-cbor --in-file mint.plutus" which is just returning the cbor portion as a result. Even tried saving an --out-file via: .json etc...But gives me ...
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How can Datum be decoded from utxos that were generated using MeshJs Marketplace Smart Contracts?

I have datum that was formed using the MeshJS Marketplace Smart Contract. Can someone help me with the process to decode the datum. I have tried various methods mentioned in their discord with no ...
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convert hex encoded bytes string to something readable

I'm using nami wallet's api, and if I call cardano.getUsedAddresses() it return a "hex encoded bytes string" and I would like to know how I can convert that to something readable
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Nami wallet address format to addr_test1 format

lets say i have the following address for recieving funds: addr_test1qzu70xm8hsez6nvmpgk4gjf48ev0y2hw5w7nf8xaxc658lzwczusckqvzzg630pxnzwj3pqza5q4c8r504ffq6v2zh6qgznxt7 when i try and get the wallet ...
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How to decode cbor which is generated with cardano-cli build command?

I am trying to sign a transaction which is built on some other place and I can see only cbor for example: { "type": "TxBodyAlonzo", "description": "", ...
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2 answers

Is there a way to go from a TxId to a Tx?

I looked through the Plutus GitHub and found some info, but I cannot decode it.plutus/plutus-ledger/src/Ledger/Tx.hs Here it is: encode (SomeTx tx eraInMode) = encodedMode eraInMode <> ...
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