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Ensuring NFT collection uniqueness using counter as asset name?

I would like to be able to mint a collection of NFTs across different transactions that fall under the same policy id. A method I would like to try is making a 'dummy' nft that holds a counter as its ...
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1 answer

How do I read the datum of an output?

How do I get the datum of an output from cardano-graphql (or another service)? I have attached it using the --tx-out-datum-embed-file flag already when building the tx using cardano-cli. Thanks!
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4 votes
2 answers

How to retrieve the datum added with the option –tx-out-datum-embed-file from the tx witness data

I have been thinking recently about the way we are predominately creating NFTs on Cardano, right now the trend is to add the NFT attributes to the transaction metadata, however, I think this is not ...
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How does custom Plutus data type map to cardano-cli --tx-in-datum-file content?

Let's say I have validator, which checks datum against two numbers, hash, time and a string and there are some funds locked at this script address and I would like to unlock these funds using cardano-...
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