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6 votes
1 answer

ERC721 Converter?

I've heard that Cardano will be releasing an ERC20 converter. I'm wondering if there are plans for the converter to work with ERC721 tokens as well. I'm interested in how to make a new NFT token ...
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6 votes
1 answer

ERC-20 converter - How will it be possible for someone holding AGI tokens on an exchange to know whether they have ERC-20 AGI or Cardano Native AGI?

When ERC-20 tokens are are converted from Ethereum to Cardano, is it incumbent on the token holder to know that which wallet they can be deposited into? What happens if say someone holding Eth native ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How to get a base 16 hex BuiltinString from getTxId

I am trying to find a way to inspect the base16 hash from a Tx on-chain using plutus. I get a BuiltinByteString from the txInputs here: getTxIdBBS :: TxInInfo -> BuiltinByteString getTxIdBBS txInfo'...
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1 vote
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Convert xpub public key from ccvault to bech32 or acct_ public key

Trying to import my wallet into Koinly for tax-purposes and unfortunately it doesn't accept xpub public addresses. They just recently added Cardano Native Tokens to their platform and they support ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Will ERC-20 converter support the legacy ERC-20 token itself?

I recently learned that Cardano is about to launch the Erc20 tokens swapping functionalities. This makes me really happy for multiple reasons since ETH had disappointed me in many aspects over the ...
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0 answers

I exchanged for AGIX tokens on my Trezor One but cannot access them. Any ideas on how to get them? [closed]

It shows on my Trezor One that my AGIX tokens were rexeived but my Etherium account shows nothing there. Do I need another wallet to sync with my Trezor in order to access these tokens. I would like ...
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