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Contract is not stopping execution if validation script fails (happened after 2022-04-06 PAB Release)

Before the 2022-04-06 PAB Release Contracts used to stop execution after validation script failed the transaction sent by submitTxConstraintsWith, but after this release Contract is not stopping its ...
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Re-Delegation Smart Contract

Prelude: I have a micro-cardano-pool ,less than 10K include 3 deligators (my friends). Despite the sike of the pool, I would like my pool be an active element in the mainnet network. Therefore I ...
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Can the value of the NFTs be added to the stake size of the pool?

Many small stake pools struggle with increasing their stake. The stake could be increased by adding the value of all the NFTS held in wallets by both delegators and operators. How do we determine ...
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Logistics of Developing Contracts

We've done a lot of development on the Plutus Playground; in what ways will the logistics of developing and deploying contracts differ in Gougen?
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What has happened to the KEVM?

One of the big selling points of Cardano was EVM compatibility out of the box through the KEVM project. It now has disappeared as a talking point: Has its development stopped?
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