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How to fetch data of sold nft from my NAMI wallet through api?

I am using "{asset}/tx" which gives the buy price and timestamp of an NFT, I have to fetch the data(Sold Price, Timestamp) of the NFT when it is sold then how ...
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4 answers

How can I Stake NFTs In Cardano?

I am new to Cardano, I want some guidance from you guyz about this. Can someone please guide me that how can we stake NFTs in non custodial way in Cardano. I want to stake NFTs like the official ...
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1 answer

API to get NFT Floor Price

Does anyone know of a public API that I can use to get the floor price for ALL Cardano NFT projects. I have created a Database listing all the Cardano NFT projects (currently there are just over 5000 ...
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How can I find the IPFS URL for a asset?

I've tried several ways but couldn't find a relyable way to find the IPFS url for a asset. I tried to find the policy id in and in In the latter ...
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