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Why is there no real Wallet Plugin for Firefox

It seems that wallets are not able to implement cip30 for firefox, what is the hurden to do it, and why does it work for chrome?
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Why does api.getRewardAddresses() return an array and does it matter?

The Cardano dApp-Wallet Web Bridge exposes an api.getRewardAddresses() function. This resolves to an array of stake keys, but I have only seen it contain one stake key in practice. I'm developing a ...
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How to detect a wallet change event

How do i detect that my user has switched their wallet to a different one in browser. When a user connects their wallet to my web app, we store their wallet address temporarily for use in the future....
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LightWallet: Empty array for (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api.getUnusedAddresses() || [])

I am working on a light wallet integration. The recommended way of integrating with wallets is defined in CIP30. When I select Nami and call: (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api....
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