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Chain Indexers with Stream Endpoints

I have been taking a look at different chain indexers (or APIs to indexers) to see what's available today and how they differ - see resource list below. Question I still wanted to raise the question, ...
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Chain index stop syncing after slot 62510369, maybe related with new Babbage era

Chain index is not syncing in tesnet after Slot: 62510369, BlockId: d931221f9bc4cae34de422d9f4281a2b0344e86aac6b31eb54e2ee90f44a09b9 I converted to POSIX TIME and is: Friday, 22 July 2022 8:19:45.999 ...
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How to Resolve this Chain Index Error

I am facing this error when i run the Chain Index. [chain-index:Error:26] [2023-01-17 20:33:11.77 UTC] {"contents":{"contents":{"contents":{"tag":"Tip"...
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Using chain-index endpoints

Hitting the chain index endpoint to query utxo just gives Bad Request as response. Tried this on testnet where txOutRefId is the tx hash of a testnet transaction. Screenshot is attached. curl -X 'POST'...
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Can chain index be configured to sync from a particular slot?

The chain-index syncs from genesis all over again, everytime there is a version change or sometimes even for other reasons. Can it be set to sync only from a particular slot to save on the time spent ...
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