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LightWallet: Empty array for (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api.getUnusedAddresses() || [])

I am working on a light wallet integration. The recommended way of integrating with wallets is defined in CIP30. When I select Nami and call: (await api.getUsedAddresses() || await api....
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How to set a specific amount for native token when calling CIP30 api.getUtxos() method in Nami, CCvault, Flint and other CIP30-compliant wallets?

In the CIP30 spec, we are supposed to be able to get a subset of the user's UTXOs if we specify an "amount" when calling the method getUtxos(): api.getUtxos(amount: cbor\ = undefined, ...
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What is the derivation path in a Cardano address?

It comes from CCVault. I saw it in the 'Receive' tab. You can specify a part of the address, or a derivation path like "m/1852'/1815'/0'/1/32", "1815 0 1 32" or "0 1 32"....
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Dapp connection with mobile browser

How do I connect my cardano website (dapp) with cardano mobile wallet. currently, I am using yoroi-frontend for desktop browsers.
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Is there any way to cancel pending transaction in CCvault or any cardano wallets

Hi i was swapping in sundaeswap and price went too far but my transaction is still pending in ccvault so can i cancel or remove pending transaction in ccvault before it goes to order and cancelling ...
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