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How to sign transaction externally?

I am using the cardano-serialization-lib to derive addresses and create a transaction unsigned. I am then passing that transaction hash in CBOR to an external program to handle the signing process. I ...
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How to obtain signature from the cborhex? If i have simple-tx.signed

{ "type": "Witnessed Tx BabbageEra", "description": "Ledger Cddl Format", "cborHex": "84a3008182582088921ae2626e" } This is ...
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Console devtools sign and submit transaction

so i'm runing this to prompt a transaction on nami wallet, sign and submit. the ideal scenario was to nami wallet submit transaction for herself but somehow that is not happening, so i tried to submit ...
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TooMuchSpace error when running uplc profiling tool on simple minting policy

I have the following minting policy: {-# OPTIONS_GHC -fplugin-opt PlutusTx.Plugin:profile-all #-} {-# INLINABLE verify_mint #-} verify_mint :: () -> V2.ScriptContext -> Bool verify_mint () _ = ...
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Validate Transaction with serialization lib from a Tx Hash

I want to validate Transactions to make sure they are actual Cardano txs with correct length, format etc. I see that Transaction object in emurgo serialization library has an 'is_valid()' method that ...
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How to generate CBOR hex of plutus smart contract

How can i generate the CBOR hex of a plutus smart contract. Does it requires to generate CBOR of onchain code only or both onchain and offchain? Also if have a smart contract which requires parameters ...
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