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cardano-submit-api install error

I'm trying to install cardano-submit-api on my linux node following IOhk documentation: cardano-node $ cabal install cardano-submit-api --overwrite-policy=always but I have an error: ... Got ...
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How Can I Collect Pool Operator Submit APIs?

Submit apis are possible given the current state of the chain, however, where can I go to verify that a submit API is genuine? The ideal solution would be a way to check stake pools for the API that ...
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How to properly format a tx for cardano-submit-api

The documentation for cardano-submit-api specifies the following: Assuming data is a serialized transaction on the file-system. curl -X POST --header "Content-Type: application/cbor" --...
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cardano-submit-api to allow local connections on LAN

I have a cardano-node 1.34.0 and the associated cardano-submit-api running on a home server, for some reason I cannot get the cardano-submit-api to listen for incoming API calls. cardano-submit-api --...
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