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How to derive non-extended skey from mnemonic phrase?

See title. I've tried using to derive the skey, but it only gives an extended version that I'm unable to sign transactions with using the CLI. ...
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2 answers

Extract the bech32 stake address from a shelly address in javascript

I am looking to get the bech32 stake address from a bech32 shelley address. I think I have to decode the shelley address, take the stake address part and encode it again. I looked here: https://github....
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1 answer

Why is there a small difference between addresses derived by the cardano-address tool and Yoroi?

Let's consider a Yoroi test wallet with the following seed phrase: maximum vacuum toe conduct jazz tray romance crawl fossil wisdom disease crazy mountain bird discover The first address generated by ...
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Bech32 encoding stake address from Shelley address in JavaScript returning wrong value

I am trying to extract the bech32 stake address from a Shelly address using Javascript. I followed the example steps outlined in the answer another question (thanks for the help!) and put together the ...
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1 answer

get wallet skey/vkey from mnemonic

I am trying to get the skey, vkey and address of the first payment address in a wallet I created in cardano-wallet. I need them because I would like to make transactions with cardano-cli on the same ...
7 votes
5 answers

How to import Yoroi seed phrase to computer using cardano-address for use with cardano-cli?

I'm trying to use cardano-cli to control the addresses controlled by my Yoroi wallet, so I thought the first thing to do is to import the keys and addresses. I did this: $ # Type the seed phrase for ...
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2 answers

How to derive addresses from a key exported from Yoroi

I’d like to code a small crypto portfolio app using python. So to track my ADA, I need to scan the addresses of my wallet. I found Yorois feature to export a “key” and conveniently, it also states the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What encoding is used for Yorois Wallet export?

Yoroi has a feature to export a wallet as a “key” (Options=>Wallet=>Export Wallet=>Export). I guess that it is the public root key, since the description says: The below you can find your ...
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