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How to convert some of the db-sync data types/columns to C# data types?

Specifically, I am using the Npgsql lib in a C# console app, and am reading data just fine so far for the obvious types like bigint, uinteger, boolean, etc. - but for a few different types/columns in ...
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0 answers

Cardano Wallet AP Adding Meta Data to transaction Using C#

I am trying to add meta data in transaction using Cardano Wallet API from C# program. But i am not able to model Json format for meta data to equivalent C# class model and due to this i am getting bad ...
2 votes
1 answer

How to get balance of an address using Cardanosharp

I am trying to develop a simple program where I am able to generate an address successfully using a public key and a stake key. The network type is TestNet. How can I check the balance of the ...
5 votes
2 answers

Are there any C# libraries to connect to a Cardano node/acting as a wrapper for cardano-cli?

There are a few libraries in other languages (Java, JavaScript, ...) that act as an abstraction layer between the Cardano node or the cardano-cli and your own code. I'm looking for a C# library that ...
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