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How to decouple Constr from Data

Imagine I have the following field in the Datum: { "fields": [ { "int": 3810998862 }, { "int": 18446744073709552000 ...
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UnsafeFromData instance for custom type

I want to use a custom type for one of my policy parameters, which will be applied by a tool like Lucid. Example of param: data CoinParams = CoinParams { policyOwner :: PubKeyHash, tokenName ::...
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Workaround for Plutus Scripts that excesses the max Tx Size. Framework or examples for splitted or modular validators?

Im very interested in how you can split the validation in several validator. There is any model or framework to follow? Any example around? Could somebody at least share some words of insights about ...
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Plutus BuiltinData vs. Data

I am confused about how they relate to each other. At first I thought Data is for offchain use and BuiltinData is for onchain use, but then I saw that that Data is also defined in PlutusCore which ...
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Using custom datum for `mustPayToOtherScript` in off-chain code

Lets say I on-chain i have a Datum like so: data RandomDatum = RandomDatum { { tn :: !TokenName , cs :: !CurrencySymbol , nn :: !Integer } deriving (Show) Off chain I'm trying to form and ...
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