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Obtain a wallet address from PKH and wallet ID in python?

I need a bech32 wallet address and all that I have is my wallet PKH and a wallet Id. Is there a way to derive that bech32 address in python? Needed to perform queries on blockfrost and find how much ...
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Getting PubKey from bech32 address

The verification key is referred to as public. Could it be derived from the bech32 address? e.g addr1... -> Pubkey [cborHex]
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Encoding / Decoding Fingerprint with Python

We currently use a python script to get fingerprints from assetName and policy id. However we are resorting to using the cardano bech32 binary for the final part of the process. from hashlib import ...
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Is there a way to validate a policy Id,and to check if a string is an actual policy id?

im trying to build something in cardano, and i want to check if policy id provided by the user is an actual policyid? after research i found that blake2b_224 is used for hashing the policy id,is there ...
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Where are the bech32 binaries?

Hi I am trying to convert from hex to bech32. This repo says that there is a tool which can do this and that the binaries can be found at cardano-wallet releases, however I cannot find them there. ...
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Staking address bech32

I was trying to extract the staking address from an address and I was able to do that by using the bech32 decode, getting the last 56 bytes and encoding back again. The question is: following this, I ...
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How to get UTxO transaction id using cardano-serialization-lib

I'm missing transaction prefix in order to get bech32 hash of transaction id using cardano-serialization-lib. What prefix is used in transaction bech32 hash and how can I find/compute one? const ...
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How to obtain PubKeyHash from Address ShelleyAddr

Is there a way to do this programmatically? I have an Address ShelleyAddr obtained from deserialiseFromBech32 AsShelleyAddress and need its Plutus.V1.Ledger.Crypto.PubKeyHash
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2 answers

How do I properly derive a stake key from an address using Bech32?

I'm trying to get a stake address from a Shelley address in Python using this library: I can convert an address from bech32 to hex without issue, but I'm getting stuck ...
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bech32 in Shelley addresses

I'm trying to write address validation in Python. According to the docs, Shelley addresses are encoded with bech32 and the first byte of the payload consists of header_type (4 bits) and network_tag (4 ...
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How can I go about creating an Asset Fingerprint in Java?

I'm trying to implement the asset fingerprint in java. So i'm importing these dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org.bitcoinj</groupId> <artifactId>bitcoinj-core</...
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