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Is there a standart way to sync off-chain metadata (assets, tokens, mints) like cardano-db-sync does with on-chain data (epochs, blocks etc)?

I have running cardano-node-ogmios:v5.6.0_1.35.5 in couple with cardano-db-sync: (docker-compose.yml) and looking for the solution to sync off-chain assets localy. Is there any standart ...
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Is there a way to find the price of an asset from the JSON object of a transaction received from a Blockfrost webhook?

I am trying to find the price of an asset from a transaction JSON object that I receive from a Blockfrost webhook in which I track transactions from and to JPG store, the object has all the ...
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Blockfrost API and about an asset does not match

When I use Blockfrost to query all the address holders of a token named NMKR, curl -s -H "Project_id: $BLOCKFROST_PROJECT_ID"
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How to get information of a certain native token from Cexplorer database?

Given a certain token,for example Sundae, which has policyID: 9a9693a9a37912a5097918f97918d15240c92ab729a0b7c4aa144d77 fingerprint: asset1m4u92ke6820pkk07m8qmmguye02ewr8g6tezr0 (https://...
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Get Transaction History Given Policy ID using Blockfrost API

What's the best say to get the transaction history of an NFT collection given the policy id? I looked into Asset Transactions but this requires both policy ID and the asset ID. Is there something else ...
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4 purchased CNFTs showing no asset image?

asset1w2pqwj7cnv0dw40rtgv5vuzwa7jswcl24lkyw6 a0e859a7b29dbfc2b798ed720802fff406fe09b8e3c9a6b3affb7320 asset19s8v6a43k4ngrmy6wvccxqm08kuae4hfftt0ah ...
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send token / asset by cardano-CLI

i am looking so long, but till now didnt find a complete answer about : how to send a token / asset from cardano-cli. can you please help me to go in details about build the transaction from the CLI ? ...
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send multiple assets in one transaction

I have 2 wallets. I have about 10 assets (tokens, cnfts) besides ADA in each wallet. I would like to send the assets from one wallet to the other to consolidate them. Can I do this in one transaction? ...
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Cardano marketplace that allows selling a batch of NFTs

anyone aware of a cardano marketplace that allows us to mint NFTs in batches that will launch with smart contracts launch or at least close to the launch? So e.g. 1 policy ID, 10000 asset names that ...
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How can I go about creating an Asset Fingerprint in Java?

I'm trying to implement the asset fingerprint in java. So i'm importing these dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org.bitcoinj</groupId> <artifactId>bitcoinj-core</...
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