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Blockfrost, GrapgQL or any API for cardano help, working with javascript

I am building an MERN stack app cardano dex tool, I want to use Blockfrost. I have installed the SDK in Node.js backend, but there are only very few examples on how to get any kind of data from it. ...
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Storing Secrets in Smart Contracts

I was wondering if there was an ability to store secrets, such as an API credential within a smart contract. When the contract gets executed it checks something remote. Maybe a weird example, but for ...
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I couldn't find the requested endpoint

When I try to construct a transaction by following the Cardano Wallet Backend API (v2021-06-11) (Transaction New section) by writing this code in TypeScript: const resp: Response = await fetch(`http://...
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Between the cardano-graphql and cardano-rosetta APIs, which one is recommended for apps and dapps integration?

From what I understand, cardano-graphql as well as cardano-rosetta APIs enable interaction with the Cardano blockchain. Which of these is recommended for developing apps/dapps that interact with ...
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Daedalus wallet recovery phrase to Cardano Wallet Backend mnemonic sentence + mnemonic second factor

Daedalus wallet recovery phrase is 24 words. Cardano Wallet Backend mnemonic sentence is 15 words and mnemonic second factor is 9 words, adding up to 24 words. I tried restoring a wallet through ...
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Is there an API or website where I can see all addresses that hold a specific native token/asset?

I want to get all addresses that hold a specific native asset/token. I'm not talking about NFTs but tokens that have a quantity of more than one. Examples would be the spacecoins or the hosks. I want ...
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Are there any Java APIs allowing to make applications on top of Cardano?

cf. title of the question, is there a Java API to make Cardano developers ?
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Blockfrost API and IPFS issues

Right now I have some NFTs to pin on the blockfrost IPFS. That way I don't need to run the node 24h a day. But for some reason the API returns an error when I try to add new assets. I'm using a free ...
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Blockfrost assets api issues

We are developing an app that must get the asset id and get its details from metadata, right now we are using It works very good for policy Id's, we can use the website and get ...
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How can i generate new wallet address using cardano-wallet cli and cardano wallet api after created my wallet?

yoroi and daedalus provide UI to generate new wallet address, how can i use cardano-wallet cli and cardano rest api to generate new address?
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Are there any API's I can integrate with to accept Cardano as a merchant?

I run a small tourism startup and I'm looking for an API I can integrate with to accept Cardano on our website. Does anything like this exist? Sadly, neither Coinbase Commerce nor Bitpay are currently ...
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How can a developer access the Cardano network?

As a developer building an application, what are different way to access the Cardano network?
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