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Application Programming Interface

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Is there a way to get the current circulating supply of an asset via API?

More specific, I am looking to fetch the circulating supply of native cardano tokens with the Blockfrost API. I know how to get the total supply, but I was wondering if there is any possibility to get ...
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How to link custom API endpoints with Plutus script? (Without Blockfrost or PAB)

I have a few questions, which I think might interest a lot of folks here. Me and my team we are developing an app on Cardano and we want to avoid using PAB or Blockfrost for our infrastructure. We are ...
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How to get prices, volume and latest transactions of a liquidity pool

I am working on a app to view charts and more. For the charts I need open, close, high, low prices for any intervals like 1min, 5min, 1h etc for a specific token/pool. So far there seems a lack of ...
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Listening for rollbacks

How can you listen for all chain rollbacks? For example every time there is a rollback, based on the depth, I'd like to take some action on my app's backend. Is there any API that could enable this?
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How to find the last time an asset was transferred from one wallet to another

Sounds easy enough to do with something like Blockfrost but the best method I could find involved many API calls to different endpoints. It doesn't sound like something that should be too hard so ...
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division amount to multi cardano address

There is a way to split a Cardano address among several addresses, for example, deposit an amount to one address and divide it equally among the holders of 100 NFTs. thanks
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How to get total fees of a NFT transaction in cardano blockchain?

Is there any api for to get transaction fees of the NFTs when buy or sold and does the transaction fees includes Royalty fees ?
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How to loop through multiple pages of blockfrost api in Javascript

I'm trying to count the assets at a blockfrost api endpoint. It only shows 100 items on a page though. How do you loop through all the pages and extract the asset count? Thanks for any help. const ...
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How can I Convert BlockFrost API Code to Dandelion API?

I have somehow managed to get a lot of code for BlockFrost API, however, I want to build some free applications for people to monitor blockchain data from a website dashboard. To take advantage of the ...
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