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What block height was the vasil hardfork?

Additionally, did vasil correlate to a change of era for cardano?
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how does the magic number work for different era's?

I'm a but confused with the magic number in the testnet: when we execute a transaction with the cli cardano-cli run transaction , we run it in the alonzo-era. when we check for the magic number, we ...
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2 answers

Are negative values valid quantities in native assets?

In Cardano's Alonzo CDDL (Concise Data Definition Language) specification, it seems that the value of an asset could be negative. Is it correct? If the above assumption is correct, I am wondering how ...
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nix-build alonzo mainnet

I've installed cardano-node via nix-build: git clone cd cardano-node git checkout tags/1.29.0 -b 1_29_0 nix-build -A scripts.mainnet.node -o mainnet-...
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How to submit a script transaction using `cardano-cli`

I'm trying to go through the Alonzo Testnet exercises to get more familiar with the deployment process for Plutus contracts. I've gotten confused by the instructions in sheet 3: Download the pre-...