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How to get information of a certain native token from Cexplorer database?

Given a certain token,for example Sundae, which has policyID: 9a9693a9a37912a5097918f97918d15240c92ab729a0b7c4aa144d77 fingerprint: asset1m4u92ke6820pkk07m8qmmguye02ewr8g6tezr0 (https://...
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How to convert Address type variable to get "addr_testXXX" format address?

In plutus endpoint, I want to convert Address type value to get addr_testXXX format address. I have try : import Cardano.Api ( SerialiseAddress (deserialiseAddress, serialiseAddress) ) ... -- here, ...
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Selecting Your Own Keys

Is there a way I can specify the prime number product used to generate the public private key pair - on the creation of a wallet address? I understand that the primes in the product would have to meet ...
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How to decode a pointer from Shelley address?

I'm writing an address parser based on CIP-0019. The part I have problems with is the POINTER data structure which consists of three "variable-length positive numbers". The format of the ...
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How to get all NFT that are added in last 24 hours in a address using SQL?

the attached queries give me all the assets in a particular address but i wish to get only nfts that are added in last 24 hours SELECT, encode(decode(substring(concat(...
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Is there an easy way to export a CSV file of all transactions from a specific address or wallet?

Is there an easy way, without writing code, to export a CSV file of all transactions from a specific address or wallet? (not Daedalus)
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What is the purpose of "Extended Verification Key" compared to normal Verification Key?

I've created an extended private key payment0_idx0.xprv and stake0.xprv using cardano-wallet. Then I use cardano-cli to convert those keys to Shelley format and create the Extended Verification Key ...
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Change Nami address to another address from the same wallet

One day I logged to Daedalus with my nami phrase I submitted another address from Daedalus in for minting in the presale of a specific nft using the same phrase of nami, Now their website can't let me ...
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Embedding address into the datum using the CLI

I have a validator that uses Address in datum. I also have an address generated (payment.vkey, payment.skey, payment.addr, stake.vkey, stake.skey, stake.addr). I'm able to get PubKeyHash using command ...
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Spending key hash vs payment key hash (pkh)

Cardano speaks in its documentation of the 'spending key hash' (see e.g. here: In Plutus there is no spending key, there is a ...
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